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  • DangerZone
    DangerZone  15 hours back

    I get the principle behind this but the only thing holding that door closed is the thin teeth at the end. I think an improved version without teeth could be made by basically anyone, just out of some thin sheet metal. All the same pretty cool

  • N1NJA CHR15
    N1NJA CHR15  2 days back

    “Hey dad, can I borrow your vice?”
    “Why do you need it?”
    “Oh, no reason. Just wanna use it on this fork”

    • Northend nec
      Northend nec  3 days back

      Pretty cool vid!

    • Danny McCune
      Danny McCune  5 days back

      Instead of filing or grinding the stem to fit through the prongs, you can just flatten it with a hammer.

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   5 days back

        Not a bad idea, if the metal is that soft.  however, if the metal is that easy to shape, then you might consider getting a stronger fork.  some of these forks are too junky to use.  Get one that you can't bend by hand.

    • MrHypeMan420
      MrHypeMan420  1 weeks back

      What if my door opens on the outside

    • ty striet
      ty striet  2 weeks back

      Will a lunch fork work as well

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 weeks back

        NO!!!...... only a dinner fork works!  ... You're welcome!

    • røb ee
      røb ee  2 weeks back

      Handy trick for hotels, you ever know who has keys to the rooms. Just be sure to take a vice with you.

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 weeks back

        I've made 2 for when I travel.  One goes in my toiletries bag, and one goes in my glove box in the truck.   I get the "vice" comment a lot.  I suppose there are people that don't think in advance.  Glad you like my video.  Thanks for the comment.

    • s c r e e e e e
      s c r e e e e e  3 weeks back

      From the inside or outside

    • idris jalil
      idris jalil  3 weeks back

      wont work for me..all i got is plastic throwaway forks i bought for a dollar a dozen

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   3 weeks back

        Those work great for keeping out Ghosts! just use a heat-gun instead of a hammer to bend.

    • Bailee Smith
      Bailee Smith  3 weeks back

      Dinner fork

    • Lisa Collingridge
      Lisa Collingridge  3 weeks back

      Who has access to a vise? How do I do this with no fricking tools,lol

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   3 weeks back

        I would have to agree with you on that point. If a fella doesn't have tools, then a fella's not going to be making much of anything. I have a video on how to sharpen a lawnmower blade. I had the same kind of comment from a guy that said "how can I sharpen my blade without tools?"..... The answer: Go buy tools, so you can fix, make, and do anything you want. Hope this helps.

    • Jennifer Swan
      Jennifer Swan  4 weeks back

      Dose it Ruin the door though

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   4 weeks back

        it can mar the finish if someone really pushes on the door. You can always pad the handle with a cloth or something.

    • Aemilius
      Aemilius  4 weeks back


      ALY JACKS  1 months back

      How do ppl come up with these things?

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   1 months back

        It has something to do with me being left-handed. I'm a freak,,,,,,,;...... especially since I use my right-hand as well. Very confusing indeed.

    • Jon Beydler
      Jon Beydler  1 months back

      Ingenious, a real life hack.

    • Half Dreaming
      Half Dreaming  1 months back

      Thanks my house has no locks and someone broke in last week

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   1 months back

        Please save up and buy a real dead bolt. This fork is good for a privacy lock, but nothing beats a deadbolt. Be safe.

    • Elaine Nilsson
      Elaine Nilsson  1 months back

      I don't see how this works

    • 11 11
      11 11  1 months back

      How did you come up with this idea?

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   1 months back

        There are products that work in the same way that are manufactured. I first tried making one from flat steel, and it worked very well. (I have a video on that one too). As I was trying to come up with an easier way to make the door jam piece, it occurred to me that a fork already had the 'slots' cut in to them, and all I needed to do was bend it. Here's my first creation of a locking mechanism:

    • BS Conour
      BS Conour  1 months back

      Great video

    • Beverly Parker
      Beverly Parker  1 months back

      "Put A Fork In It !" (Literally). 🍴

    • Rosie Blossom
      Rosie Blossom  1 months back

      🤔so that's where mama forks disappear to😂🤣

    • King Louis!!
      King Louis!!  2 months back

      Bloody brilliant idea

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   1 months back

        YES! That would be a great goal in life for sure. I love my shop. I could live in it.

      • King Louis!!
        King Louis!!  2 months back

        @Phil Crockett I just need a workshop and a vice now lol

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        Bloody thanks!

    • Mr. B
      Mr. B  2 months back

      Show the video of how to eat salad with a door knob.

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        You say that as if it's not normal. You mean.... you don't eat food with a door knob???

    • Don Berry
      Don Berry  2 months back

      I stayed in a cheap hotel in Las vegas and someone did enter my room at night and I have thought about that plenty of times. Didn't lose anything.

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        It's best to stay at home curled up on a fetal position with a loaded shotgun..... I always say.

    • Bob Calgary Canada
      Bob Calgary Canada  2 months back

      Cool Thanks

    • Harlem Silk
      Harlem Silk  2 months back

      Good to know if you're living in a abandominium..

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        Or traveling. I use mine mostly on bathrooms that have broken locks.

    • cattleNhay
      cattleNhay  2 months back

      Please change Title to: how to lock cheap American doors. Thanks.

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        YES!!!! You are the best!!!!

      • cattleNhay
        cattleNhay  2 months back

        @Phil Crockett happy now? ;-)

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        Please change ‘Titel’ to ‘Title’. Thanks.

    • greg petit
      greg petit  2 months back

      tout le monde sait qu'il y a un atelier dans les chambres d'hotel

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        faites-le avant de voyager. Aussi, apportez vos vêtements avec vous aussi. L'hôtel ne fournit ni machine à coudre ni chiffon. J'espère que cela vous aide.

    • Tarot of Happiness
      Tarot of Happiness  2 months back

      It is much easier simply to take a one piece table knife and wedge the blade between the molding & the door frame, so that the handle blocks the door from opening. The door will not then be opened unless enough force is applied to rip off the molding that is nailed to the frame in many places.
      This is a method girls have long been taught by other female family members to protect themselves from anyone getting into their bedroom at night while they are sleeping. It also works in other circumstances where one is not given a key or a an interior locking door knob when one wants personal security. Young girls do not always have access to the tools required in this video, but they generally have access to one piece table knives. The thin point of the knife tip is pressed against the paint that often is all that covers the long slit between molding & door frame. Then the knife blade is wiggled in an inch to 3 inches to create a substantial obstruction. The blade needs to be forced in as far as possible so that it will not fall free unless noisy force enough to rip the molding off is applied. Within a domestic setting, this is generally enough protection while sleeping because ripping off a door molding becomes quite noisy-- alerting other members of the household. Usually it is a step-brother, step- father or a visiting boyfriend of mother or sister who is the source of anxiety or danger for the young girl.

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        There’s more than one way to secure a door. The knife idea is a good one for sure.

    • Javierfernando999
      Javierfernando999  2 months back

      Good idea

    • Jonathan McDonald
      Jonathan McDonald  2 months back

      Dont know if its in the comments somewhere but if you lack a vise Linesman pliers do a great job of bending tines two at a time, and instead of sawing the fork I used a butter knife which allowed me to tap it in with a mallet and have a really tight second lock.

      • t bones
        t bones  2 months back

        Jonathan McDonald does it work for doors with the normal handle

    • Logan Xp100
      Logan Xp100  2 months back

      I thought this was a quick protect yourself situation thing. And now I ask in what situation would you need this

      • Phil Crockett
        Phil Crockett   2 months back

        I came up with this idea because I was traveling and came across many bathrooms, offices, and cabin rooms that had broken locks. I'm not sure where the idea of this lock replacing a dead bolt came from.... I never mentioned that in my video, and yet I get a lot of comments like this. This lock is meant to be a portable privacy lock. However...... It's very affective when using strong steel. The lock is only as strong as the metal and as strong as the door jam. simply put..... if the lock fails, it's due to low quality materials.

    • Lucas Inazumai
      Lucas Inazumai  2 months back

      Came here from Storytime. Now I know how S wasn't able to get in.

      • brian554xx
        brian554xx  2 months back

        I so wanted this in my teens!

      • Jejsjak Jdusjsb
        Jejsjak Jdusjsb  2 months back

        I use a chair proped under door knob

        • Phil Crockett
          Phil Crockett   2 months back

          that does work sometimes, but it takes a large pocket to put it in when traveling.

      • Dougas
        Dougas  2 months back

        i guess that can come in really handy .... If the hardware stores stop selling slide bolts. Or is you cant afford the $2.50 for the slide bolt. Then again if you dont have the $2.50 you can always buy a rubber door wedge for 88. cents..

        • Phil Crockett
          Phil Crockett   2 months back

          This is a portable door lock. Meant for traveling, home, office...etc. the problem with buying a lock is.... the owner of the public bathroom will most likely not reimburse you for the cost. However, u WILL make a new friend! Thanks for the comment. Hope this explains the purpose.

      • Kathryn’s Hacks
        Kathryn’s Hacks  2 months back

        Thank you for the information!👍🏾

      • Exploring With Devin
        Exploring With Devin  2 months back

        I did this like 2 years ago and my dad tried opening the door then he couldn’t so bleh pushed on the door really hard and the the fork went flying and he was like what was that

        • Marsun Alvarez
          Marsun Alvarez  2 months back

          Amazing.thanks to u

          • Phil Crockett
            Phil Crockett   2 months back

            Glad you liked my idea, Marsun! Thanks for watching!

        • OneManArmy
          OneManArmy  2 months back

          MacGyver's old trick of the 80's. Great for college students on the budget. lol

          • Phil Crockett
            Phil Crockett   2 months back

            Ha! I used to watch that show. At least he never did this with a fork!

        • George Crooks
          George Crooks  2 months back

          Of the 10K that didn't like the video, not one has said why. Speak your forking mind.

        • The Floor Jungcock Humped On

          This is good to keep my mom from barging into my room

          • Phil Crockett
            Phil Crockett   3 months back

            Be careful.......she might end up taking the door off the hinges.

        • cocojumbo4
          cocojumbo4  3 months back

          Haha....these are lock instructions and a Christopher Walken impersonation all in one. Love it! :-))

        • dark dreamss_
          dark dreamss_  3 months back


          • Phil Crockett
            Phil Crockett   3 months back

            plastik sığırların içilmesi sağlığa zararlıdır.

        • Christopher Domenichelli
          Christopher Domenichelli  3 months back

          Or maybe just use the lock that’s already on your door

          • Phil Crockett
            Phil Crockett   3 months back

            Ha! Well..... this is portable.... for traveling. Go ahead and buy strangers some locks..... they will LOVE u!

        • J Bud
          J Bud  3 months back

          You kinda talk like sheldon.

          • Phil Crockett
            Phil Crockett   3 months back

            HA! I suppose you're right! I'll admit.....the first time someone said that, I had to look him up on the internet. I don't watch TV. Nothing against TV, ...I just would rather be doing other things. I hope he's a good character, and not annoying!

          • J Bud
            J Bud  3 months back

            @Phil Crockett really it depends on who exsisted first. Id assume your older then his chacter so technically ge sounds like you 🖒

          • Phil Crockett
            Phil Crockett   3 months back

            You’re not the first to say that.

        • MAD- MASON03
          MAD- MASON03  3 months back

          Cool but couldn’t you just buy a bolt barrel lock?

          • Phil Crockett
            Phil Crockett   3 months back

            I’m not going to buy a lock for a public bathroom. However, you would probably make friends with the owner if you did.

        • P
          P  3 months back

          Ahh mazin'