Tactical Walls: Hidden in Plain Sight

  • Published: 23 January 2018
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    Tactical Walls is one of the first brands I ever worked with. Their product line is built around the concept of "Hidden in Plain Sight" Deigned to us home decor to conceal your defensive firearms, balancing the relationship between accessibility and security. Not meant to take the place of a safe The Tactical Walls brand is all American made, high-quality furniture.

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Comments • 25

  • Andrew Langlo
    Andrew Langlo  5 months back

    Do they have a foam Piece for a Smith an Wesson m&p 9mm. Shield compact

  • astrotoby
    astrotoby  7 months back

    im not sure if i want one of these yet, but i have like 8 years to think about it haha

    • brent maxey
      brent maxey  7 months back

      Every time he says, United States... take a shot👍🏼. Remember, BUY AMERICAN!!! Vote Trump. Make America Great Again. Btw I seriously was searching for this table but all the America is the BEST made me close the window. I want to BUY & SUPPORT my country & help influencers, but NOT support someone who sounds like he thinks China, IKEA(Swiss), etc are all product stealing idiots who can’t come up with this on their own ideas. I always try to buy American but I also ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS DON’T buy bigot. I own 8 of the concealment shelves too, but bye bye my support.

      • Crottedenez1000
        Crottedenez1000  2 weeks back

        brent maxey
        First, IKEA isn’t Swiss but Swedish.
        Second, Trump actually doesn’t care about his people, since he denies climate change and supports his fellow billionaires by letting them deplete all the resources regardless to the immense and irreversible damages to the environment, just to become still even much more wealthy, (he knows, he will be fine for the remaining of his lifetime and doesn’t give a thought to following generations)
        And third, you are a very rare person who take pride in staying truly faithful to his country, unlike most of your compatriots who call out loud America first but then still buy Chinese because they can save a couple of dollars to spend on more other actually useless stuff !
        And for this last reason, you have my full appreciation ! (Sorry for my bad English, but it makes me really sad when I see how actually valuable Americans like you fall for the betrayal of her selfish and psychopatic “Führer”...)

    • Vapornator
      Vapornator  8 months back

      Nice but way overpriced.

      • K ris
        K ris  8 months back

        Your beard is magnificent

        • Daniel Hesse
          Daniel Hesse  1 years back

          I'm rather dissatisfied with my night stand as I have to push up on the drop out, it will not drop out on its own.

          • Jesús  Cabral
            Jesús Cabral  1 years back

            that is all nonsense and all your doing is giving one more step to the anti gunners also your bringing second amendment and freedom loving people closer to the rfid chip and total control from the goverment aka the devil satan lucifer

            • abigscarymoose
              abigscarymoose  2 years back

              Can’t bring myself to pay $700 for one.

              • ben weaver
                ben weaver  6 months back

                abigscarymoose then go to your local Home Depot or lowes buy some wood and hardware and make your own

            • Hogh308
              Hogh308  2 years back

              Cool product. I like the idea of having a long gun in the coffee table version. If it’s just a pistol, I’m going to stick to using my holster. That’s where pistols belong. Faster draw and it goes with me when I need to drop a duce.

              • Richard Spalding
                Richard Spalding  2 years back

                This one's better:

                • Jeff Porto
                  Jeff Porto  2 years back

                  Nice but what if you loose power? And does it just open if power goes out?

                  • Sir Frydryk
                    Sir Frydryk  2 years back

                    Yes its works. Uses magnet in the latch and that card he put against the side of the table.

                • Marc Pascual
                  Marc Pascual  2 years back

                  Can't spell "COPY" without
                  C-H-I-N-A. Also, the only way you can help defeat Chinese government is by making sure you (Americans) don't buy their cheap crap.

                  • 13C Gun Reviews
                    13C Gun Reviews  2 years back

                    I love the folks at Tactical Walls. I've got a shelf and mirror and they are fantastic. Can't speak highly enough about them.

                    • Kevin Graham
                      Kevin Graham  2 years back

                      I have the coffee table version love it and kid proof!!!

                      • Wes Hendrick
                        Wes Hendrick  2 years back

                        The Chinese knock everything off. It gets on my nerves. Pharmaceutical, technology, agriculture, energy sector, military and now tactical walls. Smh

                        • Noe Munoz
                          Noe Munoz  4 months back

                          Went to the tactical walls website to buy one. None in stock. I hope the Chinese have them in stock.

                      • Josh Wiley
                        Josh Wiley  2 years back

                        I've been interested in this company for awhile. I'll have to check out all of their stuff and maybe get something and show it off on my channel!

                        • Tony Banks
                          Tony Banks  9 months back

                          Well. Don't go on an extended vacation and find the batteries dead. I came home and the single pistol shelf dinged when I used the card, but did not open. I texted Tactical Walls. They have no records on my purchase and I am now attempting to locate my info. Gun is securely in the unlockable shelf. Nice.

                      • Jan Hollon
                        Jan Hollon  2 years back

                        Your sofa arm rests are good places, a thick solid wood dining table with hidden compartments built in, a large decorated in wall mirror, a concealed floor safe with its entrance under a removable wood slat, there are all types of places to put valuables and in plain sight even if you are renting instead of owning a home. The critical key to finding good places starts with a creative imagination.

                        • FPSMurdock
                          FPSMurdock  2 years back

                          Fantastic product

                          • Tadicuslegion78
                            Tadicuslegion78  2 years back

                            See that's why I like the table option over the mirror/shelves because you don't have to do anything to your walls especially if you're renting